Intelligence organizations depend on secure communication

Intelligence organizations are charged with a multitude of responsibilities which do not end at country's border. Open or clandestine information collection, its assessment and distribution to government, defence and other intelligence organizations in real time is paramount. Any leak of classified information could cause serious, irreparable long-term damage to any country's international reputation and business.

Intelligence organisations therefore depend on reliable and highly secure global communication systems via various links at any time and under any circumstances. OmniCrypt™ solutions ensure TOP SECRET communication within the intelligence community and the authorities.


For example: Travelling VIPs

Government, defence and intelligence VIPs, executives and top-level managers often travel during the course of their professional responsibilities. Wherever and however remote they may be on the globe they still need to make use of technological resources, such as a telephone and the Internet, as though they were still in their office. VIP communication needs are:

  • reliability for secure voice calls
  • availability on both private and commercial aircraft

OmniCrypt™ solutions offer an exceptional level of confidentiality and ensure that all communication is protected against hackers and eavesdroppers. Uniquely designed services, including secure voice calls, voice mailbox messages, conference calls and text messages, ensure that globally secure communication is possible at all times.


For example OmniCrypt™ Voice Solution – Mobile to Fixnet

The Mobile Encryptor 230 can connect through a central Media Gateway to any internal or external PSTN/GSM phone.

Secure calls are possible from any Mobile Encryptor 230 in any location to any internal PSTN phone if allowed by the security policy.

Keep Your Secrets Secret