Maximum Network Protection with new High-Speed 1/10 Gbps Encryption

Interception or modification of defence, government or intelligence network data may have devastating impacts on national security. The new high-speed Ethernet Encryptor 671 protects the confidentiality and integrity of such information.

Omnisec stands by its promise to constantly exceed the high requirements established by our partners and customers. Omnisec’s latest innovation is the new high-speed 1/10 Gbps Link Layer-2 Ethernet Encryptor 671. This OmniCrypt™ Encryptor 671 guarantees full confidentiality and integrity of all digital information within a fiber optic or wide area Ethernet network – at wire speed with low latency.

The OmniCrypt™ Link Layer-2 solutions constitute a proven, highly secure approach for protecting an organization’s classified data against eavesdroppers and other infiltrators up to the highest classification level. This most reliable method is the key to preventing malicious attacks on classified data and thus on an entire institution.

The Security & Network Management SNMC 736 allows the network to be managed remotely, both increasing security and saving time, and thus also minimising costs.

The multi-barrier software and hardware architecture with supervision mechanisms provides maximum transparency and control: OmniCrypt™ can be comprehensively verified – if required down to the last bit. Customers can modify core algorithms independently of Omnisec, using the National Algorithm Design tool. The benefit of this framework is that customers can focus on the cryptologic design of their own unique algorithm, while it’s guaranteed that this algorithm works both within current and also future products.

Keep Your Secrets Secret