About Omnisec

Pioneering, cryptological expertise and trusted Swiss credibility

Its employees are Omnisec's most important asset. Omnisec maintains and expands its credibility via the unique, transparent and verifiable OmniCrypt™ technology. Omnisec is represented worldwide through partnerships with reputable local security and integration companies.

Our customers are supported by qualified local specialists trained by Omnisec. This cornerstone of all our undertakings enables the customer to protect his most valuable information through high-end encryption. This means that no authority, however high has insight into our customer's business relations.

Omnisec's pioneering know-how and extensive experience in the field of encryption have been built in part through a long-term cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, which is a world leader in the domains of information security and cryptology.

With over 70 years of experience in the highly secure exchange of information at all classification levels up to the highest classification level customers can rely on top-end quality products and solutions.

Mission Statement

Keep Your Secrets Secret

Omnisec is the most trusted global provider of high-end encryption solutions for governmental authorities, defence and intelligence services throughout the world.

As a quality-focused enterprise, Omnisec provides independent, verifiable and best-of-class cryptographic solutions up to the highest classification level.




Join the pioneering team

Both in terms of professional competence, personality and character, we set very high standards: social competence, commitment and loyalty, teamwork and personal responsibility are qualities we consider as pre-requisites and which we, as the employer, consistently promote.

Where core technologies emerge, which make Omnisec unique as a security expert, maximum security requires maximum trust. This has led to an additional requirement: the team that develops the world's most secure encryption technologies consists exclusively of Swiss citizens!

For further information please contact: job@omnisec.dont-want-spam.ch

Keep Your Secrets Secret