OmniCrypt™ Fax

Secure fax solutions continue to be needed and enabled for customization

Currently, eavesdropping and signal intelligence collection of fax communications is ever easier. The communication is unprotected, with telecom providers transforming fax communications into an IP-based form. National traffic is increasingly routed through foreign links and users never know via what network in which country their documents are routed – and intercepted!

Even in this age of the Internet and cloud computing government, defence and intelligence organizations use this OmniCrypt™ solution for their worldwide exchange of fax documents up to the highest classification level. This makes intercepted documents totally worthless.

As the Encryptor 525 is a dedicated high-end encryption device that complements any existing infrastructure, the customer's investment in existing fax machines is protected: The Encryptor 525 can be connected to existing fax machines and networks such as PSTN, IP, satellite, and even HF radio.

The operation is fully autonomous; users do not notice any difference from the normal process of sending fax documents. The encryption hardware itself is protected against tampering.

Encryptor 525

Secure transfer of documents via fax over PSTN, IP, Satellite

Telecom providers increasingly convert transmissions to fax-over IP and back to analogue at the receiving end. This makes it much easier for various third parties to intercept and read unsecured documents.

The Encryptor 525 offers utmost protection of transferred documents by ensuring that any intercepted information is utterly worthless. The Encryptor 525 is extremely simple to connect to existing fax machines and can be used anywhere in the world.

The benefits of the Encryptor 525 include a unique broadcast function, which allows a fax message to be encrypted and automatically sent to a group of predefined recipients, as well as a secure mailbox, which prevents unauthorized persons from reading incoming confidential messages.

Keep Your Secrets Secret