OmniCrypt™ Voice

Communicate in top secrecy while travelling or in the office

Public mobile and wireless networks are insecure. Mobile voice and data information can only be prevented from being intercepted, manipulated or misused as a means of infiltrating the communication system if it is encrypted at the highest security level and both created and transmitted messages use protected devices.

Government, defence and intelligence organizations use the Mobile Encryptor 230 on a global scale for voice communications and text messaging over mobile and wireless networks up to the highest classification level.

It is precisely these tasks that the OmniCrypt™ Voice Solution performs. This easy-to-implement solution allows customers to exchange voice and data information worldwide over mobile and wireless networks up to the highest classification level. The solution can be integrated into an existing voice and communications network.

OmniCrypt™ National Algorithm Design (NAD) allows customers to completely define their own specific algorithm. Omnisec provides the algorithm framework, ensures know-how transfer to customer's cryptologists and provides tools and processes to ensure that cryptographically strong algorithms result.

Mobile Encryptor 230

Secure mobile encryptor for TOP SECRET Communications

In order to avoid key logging, monitoring, manipulation by malware apps and infiltration by unauthorized parties, both voice and text communications must be highly secure. This means that such communications must be generated, transmitted and stored by a mobile device of maximum security.

OmniCrypt™ Voice Solution, which features the Mobile Encryptor 230, meets these requirements. It is a reliable, globally applicable, high-end encryption solution that provides absolutely secure global voice communications and text messaging up to the highest classification level.

Any data network may be used that has a mobile (GSM) or wireless local area network (WLAN) WiFi access point, including satellite terminals or personal WiFi hotspots.

The Mobile Encryptor 230 is designed for maximum security. Government leaders appreciate its intuitive user interface and ease of use. The Mobile Encryptor 230 incorporates the OmniCrypt™ Operating System and long-term keys that are stored in a special µSD Security Module; the core system comprises the required high-end communication and management components.

Keep Your Secrets Secret