OmniCrypt™ VPN

Multi-barrier encryption hardware architecture – enabled for national algorithm design

OmniCrypt™ Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends the private network at the customer's headquarters across the Internet; it enables users to securely send and receive data as if directly connected within the office, anywhere, anytime and always encrypted.

Government, defence and intelligence organizations use this high-end encryption technology for their worldwide exchange of emails, documents, files and voice or video communication up to the highest classification level.

By means of the OmniCrypt™ National Algorithm Design (NAD) customers obtain a framework within which they can define their own algorithm. However, simply defining parameters within a given encryption algorithm is not enough, since it requires excellent cryptologic skills to design strong algorithms.

Omnisec provides the required know-how to transfer the skills for the design so that only cryptographically strong algorithms are used. The customer designs and distributes his national algorithm autonomously, without any interaction with Omnisec.

Customers can therefore focus on the cryptologic design with the guarantee that these algorithms will function within current and future OmniCrypt™ encryption solutions.

VPN Client 431

Encryption for travelling

However remote the location, whenever government, defence or intelligence staff are on the move, they still need to make use of telephones, emails, instant messaging, the Internet/Intranet as well as video conferencing as if they were still in the office.

The right technology for this is known as Virtual Private Network (VPN). It extends the private network across the Internet and enables users to securely send and receive data as though they are directly connected within the office.

The VPN Client 431 protects all exchanges of emails, documents, data and other files or voice and video communications up to the highest classification level.

The VPN Client 431 is a small tamper-proof encryptor in the form of a Security Module and its software. After connecting it to a USB port of the computer and authenticating it with the secret PIN, the encrypted VPN connection to the headquarters is established.

This procedure assures that such communication is protected at the highest security levels against increasingly sophisticated threats and eavesdropping.

Encryptor 432

Ideal for branches and small offices

When converged, all IP networks have made it economically viable to interconnect headquarters, branch offices and remote locations, providing private communications via global public networks like the Internet.

OmniCrypt™ VPN solutions ensure that such networks are secure against increasingly sophisticated threats and eavesdropping. The system maximises throughput by supporting redundant VPN communication paths, dynamic fall-back and load-distribution mechanisms.

The latest research in information security, trustworthy computing platform design, many years of experience and deep cryptological knowledge, have all flowed into the development process. This hardware security architecture is the outcome of advanced design and innovation. 

The result is the Encryptor 432, the newest member of the OmniCrypt™ VPN technology: a reliable Virtual Private Network solution that offers the highest level of security.

Encryptor 434

Ideal for headquarters

Government, defence and intelligence organizations often operate their communications infrastructure from their headquarters. In view of converged, all IP networks and interconnection of locations and mobile users, data intensive computing is a must.

This high-end gigabit Encryptor 434 ensures the security of such networks. It is the member of the OmniCrypt™ VPN technology that offers the highest level of security at the highest speed.

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